Stellarium 0.20.4 for Windows – Download

If you don’t have a telescope with which to explore the sky, Stellarium is a perfect substitute for this tool, since it allows you to observe the sky as it is seen from Earth.

Stellarium is ideal for knowing more details about constellations, planets, stars, nebulae and celestial bodies in general. The representation takes place in real time, so the position of an object on the computer screen is the same as in the universe.

Stellarium’s time controls allow you to observe the movement of stars and celestial bodies in the sky. Click on a star to find out more about it. The planets of the solar system have their own three-dimensional model, including all their moons.

Stellarium allows you to select the location of the planet from which you want to see the sky. Keep in mind that in some places it is daytime, so you will not see the sky, although you can wait until nightfall or speed up the representation so that it is done at night.


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