Subtitle Edit 3.6.0 for Windows

Subtitle Edit is a tool whose main function is to edit and create subtitles from a simple interface that allows us to correct a couple of lines in a matter of seconds.

Something that sometimes gives us so many headaches, such as poorly adjusted time in the subtitles, we can solve it from the main window of the program by just setting the time we want to advance or delay them (captures up to thousandths of a second).

To edit subtitles, in addition, we will have several types of modalities. We can do it with just the text in front, writing normally and adjusting times; or with the video in front, being able to check at all times that the image and the subtitle are synchronized.

Subtitle Edit is a very useful program for any user who loves movies and series in their original version. Since subtitles with synchronization errors are very common, and with this application we can correct them in little more than two minutes.


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