SugarSync 4.1.0 for Windows – Download

Sugarsync is an attractive synchronization program that allows us to save our data remotely to access it from anywhere and synchronize it on several different computers.

From the beginning, we will have a free account with 2GB of storage. This space can be increased either through payment options or with other actions such as, for example, inviting more friends to join.

SugarSync allows two different modes of synchronization: dragging files and folders to the Magic Briefcase or simply adding directories from the corresponding option of the program.

One of the most interesting options of SugarSync is the possibility of installing the program and synchronizing files on other devices such as Mac computers or mobile devices (iPhone, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry).

It should also be noted that the synced files are accessible from the web browser through the SugarSync page.

We can make our files accessible to other contacts thanks to the Share option. This is fully compatible with file synchronization and will only affect files and folders that we expressly select. Shared files can be password protected and file editing can be restricted.


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