Surfer Download (2021 Latest version) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Surfer is 3D contour and surface mapping software and powerful scientific data mapping, modeling and analysis features to better understand your data. You work hard collecting your data. Don’t settle for an inferior visualization. Use Surfer’s extensive modeling tools to display your data the way it deserves, while maintaining precision and accuracy. Clearly communicate information with Surfer for Windows. Discover the depths of your data with Surfer’s many analysis tools. Adjust interpolation and grid parameters, evaluate data spatial continuity with variograms, define faults and breaklines, or perform grid calculations such as volumes, transformations, smoothing, or filtering. Surfer for PC quickly transforms your data into knowledge.

Communicate your hard-earned findings with confidence. Whether for your project manager, thesis advisor, or client, Surfer facilitates a complete and comprehensive understanding of the data. The surfer has withstood the tests of time. See for yourself why thousands of scientists and engineers around the world trust Surfer to display their data.

Surfer Characteristics:

Create professional maps
Easily communicate both simple and complex spatial data. Surfer gives you the tools to create high-quality maps to clearly deliver your message to your co-workers, clients, and stakeholders.

Model data in multiple dimensions
Get a deeper insight into your data when viewing it in three-dimensional space. Surfer’s 3D viewer makes it easy to model, analyze, and understand all aspects of your data. Switching between Surfer’s 2D and 3D perspectives ensures that you discover all the patterns and trends in your data.

LiDAR point clouds
LiDAR is an increasingly popular data collection method used in many fields such as archeology, surveying, GIS, and more. Use Surfer’s extensive LiDAR visualization and processing capabilities to take advantage of all that LiDAR has to offer.

Optimized workflows
You’ll be up and running in minutes. Surfer’s user interface was designed to take the guesswork out of learning a new program. We work hard to streamline workflows so you don’t have to.

Improve maps and models
Surfer gives you the tools to visualize and model all kinds of data, but it doesn’t stop there. Surfer’s extensive customization options allow you to convey complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way. Enhance your maps and models with a variety of customization options.

Full grid control
Surfer gives you extensive control over grid files. Create isopach maps for structural geology, calculate volumes for inventory management or derivatives for terrain analysis, and even create site suitability models with grid files. Get a complete understanding of your underlying data.

Edit outlines
Edit contour lines down to the smallest detail. Surfer’s Grid Editor allows you to quickly adjust contour lines by interactively editing the underlying grid file. Brush, warp, smooth, push down or up, and erase nodes from the grid, and immediately see the changes in your grid-based maps.

Grid data with certainty
Have full confidence in the accuracy of your model. Surfer provides numerous interpolation methods for gridding regularly or unevenly spaced data on a grid or raster, and each interpolation method provides complete control over the grid parameters. Plus, no time is wasted with multi-threaded grids!

Make meaningful decisions
Get answers to your questions with Surfer’s geoprocessing tools. Process your data and analyze the relationships. Narrow down areas of interest, highlight important intersections, or perform mathematical calculations on the underlying data to make informed decisions.

Immediate access to online data
A large amount of data is at your fingertips waiting to be viewed. Surfer gives you immediate access to aerial imagery from around the world, Open Street Map imagery, world vector data, and terrain data. If you have your own favorite data servers or access to a private data server, please include a custom link to that source for easy access. Surfer makes it easy to access surplus data online.

Works seamlessly with all coordinate systems
Your job is to transform data into valuable visualizations. Surfer’s job is to make things easier for you. The surfer effortlessly manages non-referenced data and data projected in different multiple coordinate systems. It really is that easy.

Full compatibility
Seamlessly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources. Surfer natively reads numerous file formats, including SHP, DXF, and XLSX. Surfer also supports all popular export formats. An extensive set of data management tools are at your disposal for complete compatibility.

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