SyncBackFree for Windows – Download

SyncBackFree is a very useful tool with which we can make a backup of photos, music, emails and movies with ease. As an outstanding aspect, the program has a multitude of options when it comes to synchronizing all these files in the cloud. This is very important if we do not want the storage of our PC to saturate.

Another plus point within SyncBackFree is that we have the possibility of cross-platform synchronization. Being compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, we will have it much easier to exchange and make backup copies of files between all our devices.

With SyncBackFree we can also monitor the backup copies that we have stored. In addition, the program will send us different notifications with which we will be aware of any change or incident that occurs in our endorsements.

SyncBackFree will help us to ‘backup’ all the files and documents that we store on a PC. Undoubtedly, the large number of options that this powerful tool has will help us keep safe all the files that we use or that we need to classify over time.


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