Synfig Studio 1.4.0 – Download Free

If yours is the field of animation you will like it Synfig Studio, an open source program that offers you what you need to create 2D animations using vector illustrations.

The quality of the resulting animations is very high, more if we take into account that this software does not work with the frames, which allows you to generate the animations with minimal resources and maintain the final quality of the product.


  • Independent spatial resolution. Avoid pixels when working with the vector-based elements of the program.
  • Interpolation generated directly by the software, achieving smooth animations.
  • HDRI processing to improve luminance, color composition, or effect lightness.
  • Drawing tool capable of detecting your work tablet.

A 2D animation tool at the service of your creativity

The workflow with Synfig Studio it does not differ from other applications with similar functions. At panel central you can see the composition you are working on, while various floating windows they give you access to layers, history, and other tools.

The program offers a series of templates already created with drawings. You can thus see its qualities first hand.

If you are a lover of artistic creation download Synfig Studio free and you can make your vector drawings and animations with a unique quality.

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