Tablacus Explorer 20.12.26 for Windows

Tablacus Explorer is a useful open source file manager that has numerous customization options unlike the typical Windows file explorer. A portable application that does not need us to install anything to be able to use it.

It does not matter if we use 32-bit or 64-bit systems since Tablacus Explorer has individual versions for each of them. We will only have to execute them and we will be able to enjoy the advantages of this file manager.

This app not only stands out for its light weight, but because it allows us to easily navigate through tabs. Through Tablacus Explorer we can view different folders of our equipment in a single pass in the simplest way possible.

Tablacus Explorer is an excellent open source file manager with a multitude of settings options to configure it to our liking. One of its strengths is that it supports plugins of all kinds, which further improves customization.


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