TapinRadio 2.13.8 for Windows – Download

TapinRadio is a complete radio tool with which you can listen to hundreds of stations from dozens of countries and record all the content you want directly on your computer. Its library is so extensive that you will find practically everything you are looking for, from programs specialized in sports from somewhere in South America to others focused on cuisine from anywhere in Europe. You just have to filter by region or gender and browse the results.

This tool stands out not only for the engraving function it incorporates, but also for the ability to do it in a multitude of formats. TapinRadio supports MP3, WMA, AAC and OGG and is also compatible with Winamp plugins. On the other hand, its interface is very simple and all its functions are accessible with keyboard shortcuts to be able to move around it with a simple press. To listen to any station you can perform a search or open them randomly if you want to discover new options. To record, all you have to do is click on the ‘record’ option and immediately afterwards the station registration will begin, which you can stop at any time using ‘stop’.

This program has a volume control, a sleep timer and the possibility of sectioning your recordings as you want, so that you can save your programs on separate audio tracks, depending on your preferences. Thus, you will have all your favorite songs or favorite spaces that you can order and add to your collection without major difficulties.

Listen to the radio from anywhere in the world without having to be physically in a country or open the official website of each of the stations you want to listen to with TapinRadio, a tool that will provide you with thousands of playback possibilities from all the continents of the world. planet. Create your list of favorites, record with one click and enjoy broadcasting in a comfortable, simple way and from any corner of the world.


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