TeamSpeak 3.5.6 – Download Free

Communications via VoIP is something that is becoming more and more everyday, but it is no less true than instant messaging or meeting rooms. chat they are equally popular. TeamSpeak it is precisely a rehash of the three forms of communication in a single program.

Limitless communication

This software allows you to log in without having to register anywhere, which makes things quicker and easier. What’s more, dispose of private servers (that each user can set up and manage) or public (provided by the company) so can be a good internal messenger in some companies or working groups.

Like any communication software worth its salt, TeamSpeak Lets do voice calls, chat or send private messages and files. In addition, each room chat has a customizable space where you can provide information to users.

Parallel, incorporates the latest technologies in sound processing, playback (it is capable of creating a 3D sound effect) and in compatibility with hardware (being able to recognize even keyboards with LCD screen).

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