Telegram for Desktop 2.5.1 for Windows

Telegram for Desktop is a desktop application for Windows that will allow us to talk with all our contacts on this instant messaging service in a comfortable and simple way, directly from our computer.

The first thing we will have to do to use Telegram for Desktop is to associate it with our mobile phone. Once this is done, we will be able to talk with all our Telegram contacts, continuing the conversations that we had started, and even being able to see the photographs that we have shared on the Internet on the computer.

The only thing that we will not be able to do through Telegram for Desktop is to continue with a private conversation, since these are strictly limited to the mobile phone for greater security. Telegram for Desktop has a clean and accessible interface, thanks to which communicating with all our contacts is very easy. We just have to click on their name and we can start chatting from the same window. Fast and easy.

We can now use personalized stickers in Telegram

A few months ago, a first set of stickers for Telegram based on celebrities and influential characters of the 20th century arrived at Telegram as a test for the inclusion of personalized galleries. This feature is now available, so we can add complete galleries of stickers to use in our conversations, with the incentive that all of them will be completely free and are created by the users themselves.

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