Temple Run 2 1.72.0 – Download Free

Temple Run is the 3D platformer and kind endless run where our objective is to escape from a temple in a Central American jungle. It is indisputable that the aesthetic of it was inspired by video games like Tomb Raider and movies like Indiana Jones, where we have seen scenes of Lara Croft and Indy himself fleeing from danger at full speed from the temples and their traps.

Go back for the cursed idol

The first part of Temple Run was a huge download success on Android and iOS mobile devices and Temple Run 2 it has not been for less. It returns to the same game mode but with new dangers and a renewed graphic appearance, which improves what was seen in the first of the deliveries. So our objective will be to run avoiding all dangers such as cliffs, cliffs and all kinds of obstacles in our way placed at different levels, which will force us to jump, slide, zip line or make sudden changes of direction so as not to fall off the track. no cliffs. All to get away with the cursed idol.

We will also find more characters to play with and also new worlds and stages, which make this game even more attractive than the first installment was. In short, this is a great action and adventure game that you cannot miss, especially if you like fun with a frenetic pace.

Main features

These are the main characteristics that we will find:

  • New stylized graphics.
  • New scenarios to run through.
  • More obstacles.
  • New achievements to complete in the game.
  • More special powers and power-ups for each of the characters.

Of course, we must warn of one thing: we are not facing a native version of Temple Run 2 for Windows. What we have here is the Android APK together with BlueStacks, the best emulator of this operating system that we can install on a PC, both in terms of performance and performance. You will simply have to install this program and once it is running, drag the file with the game over its main interface to launch its installation. And don’t worry about controlling the video game on smartphones and tablets via a touch screen: BlueStacks is designed so that both mouse and keyboard can be used.

What’s new in this version

  • New special Christmas event.

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