TextAloud 4.0.57 – Download Free

Get an app that read a text in the most correct way and with a simple interface that offers more than enough functionalities it is difficult. TextAloud presents exactly that, a program that will read aloud any text that is pasted in the corresponding field just by pressing Play.

Hear texts read aloud

In the interface itself TextAloud they can configure various aspects regarding voice to make it appear more human or simply to hear the text spoken with another voice. In addition, during reading, the program marks the word that is being pronounced at each moment, which can be very useful for students who are learning the pronunciation of the language.

On the other hand, a quite interesting functionality is that of save any text to MP3 or WAV so that we can carry a file with all the text we want to read in our portable player. For example, emails or newspaper articles that we can listen to in the car.

Also, in his way premium It has several languages, including Spanish, and some other voices.

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