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Themida is an application that will help you keep the ones you develop safe. If you are a programmer and want distribute software but fear it will be copied in no time, decompiled or your security is compromised, this software is the solution.

Operation of Themida is based on very basic principles: add layers of encryption during the application build process, managing to add a lot more difficult for anyone trying to modify the code.

SecureEngineĀ® technology promises to be much more effective than those used by other programs because it does not use the usual techniques. The developers of Themida are aware that there is always weak points that can be taken advantage of, and for that very reason, they affirm that the work of this application is find and protect them.

Themida’s 3 goals

  • Make your application more difficult to decompile.
  • Getting to create a copied version for your application will be much more complicated.
  • The application will be more complicated to modify by third parties.

In short, if you want protect your own developments (or those of your company), Themida it can be a very good option.

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