Thunderbird 78.6.0 – Download Free

Handling of different E-mail accounts, support of various protocols, possibility of using different user profiles, each one with its associated accounts, backup copies of the profiles, etc. All this and more is possible with Thunderbird.

A great email client from Mozilla

Thunderbird, originally known as Minotaur, is a free email client that allows you to manage, send and receive emails within a nice interface and very easy to use. Another of its key points is that it is a client light, which hardly consumes resources.

Further, Thunderbird incorporates numerous functionalities that make it a very complete email manager. In summary, its main characteristics are:

  • Management of multiple email accounts.
  • Advanced viewing of folders and tagging of messages.
  • 2 Message search modes: advanced or quick search.
  • Navigation through the history of messages.
  • Access to news services, through RSS.
  • Account support POP, IMAP or based on web.
  • Possibility of creating different user profiles.
  • Making backup copies of profiles.
  • Anti-fraud protection.
  • Modification of the appearance, through the use of themes.
  • Possibility of adding new functionalities through adding plugins.

Thunderbird is the alternative of Mozilla to traditional email clients.

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