Thunderbird 78.6.0 for Windows – Download

Thunderbird is a powerful email client with which to manage all our emails. The program focuses its objectives on fighting spam, advertising and viruses, improving the security of your accounts and improving the security flaws that other more popular email clients have.

Any advantages of using Thunderbird to read email? For example, your security: the program uses smart anti-spam filters to combat unwanted advertising.

Thunderbird is also a fast and agile client that supports IMAP / POP, HTML mail, tags, fast searches, smart address book, acknowledgments, advanced message filtering, LDAP address completion, import tools, search power and, in addition, the ability to manage multiple email and news accounts.

In addition to updating its interface, the latest versions of Thunderbird allow you to group emails using labels, search the text of messages as they are written, navigate through emails using the forward and backward controls, access an advanced view of the messages. folders, etc.


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