Tixati 2.81 – Download Free

P2P networks (peer-to-peer) are one of the best ways to share files, especially large ones, with other users on the large Internet network.

One of the most used protocols is BitTorrent, which has the advantage of making use of a decentralized computer network, that is, downloads do not depend on a central server.

Tixati is a client that makes use of this well-known protocol to offer a fast download of all types of files: movies, music, applications, series, …

The most powerful BitTorrent client you have ever known.

Characteristics of Tixati

  • Simple and very visual interface, which shows the options with characteristic icons.
  • Implementation of algorithms that improve download speed.
  • Greater security than other P2P thanks to the encryption of RC4 connections.
  • Detailed management of bandwidth and usage statistics represented graphically.
  • Support for magnet links.
  • Absence of spyware and advertising, guaranteed.

What’s more, Tixati includes other useful functions such as IP filtering, a useful task scheduler, access to RSS, … This together with its fast installation, which does not require elements such as Java or .NET, makes it an option to take into account when downloading large files.

A fast, complete and extremely simple client

If you thought that everything was said in the world of P2P it is because you have not tried yet Tixati. A client capable of competing with popular programs such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. In Tixati you will find an application that effectively solves bandwidth management to offer fast downloads and implements security measures to provide extra protection.

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