Tor 10.0.7 for Windows – Download

The TOR (The Onion Group) project is an initiative promoted altruistically by various computer security experts that provides users with a system to protect their identity and maintain anonymity while browsing the Internet. The program modifies the way in which the information we send circulates through the network by providing a routing system that hides our data from our service provider, so that the pages we visit, our credentials and our browsing history will remain anonymous. .

The pack includes two main elements. The first of them will be the control panel itself to connect to a Tor network and that we will have to activate each time we want to browse anonymously. The other is a modified and portable version of the Mozilla Firefox browser with several special features to take advantage of the anonymous browsing system provided by the tool.

The uses of Tor are diverse. The constant scandals related to the loss of privacy at the hands of large companies have caused many users to try to take measures to avoid constant monitoring of their activity. Another of its uses is to avoid regional blockades that some countries carry out on the population.


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