Tribler 7.7.0 for Windows – Download

You can use Tribler as any BitTorrent client, adding torrent files to its download list, or you can go further and become part of the social network of users that the program weaves.

Tribler is more than a BitTorrent client, it is also a P2P application in the style of Emule or Ares to transfer files, although it does not use their networks but its own. What makes Tribler special is the social network of users generated by the application, which allows you to know what other users are downloading and receive information about possible downloads that may be of interest, always based on your preferences.

Another interesting feature of Tribler is the possibility of accessing the videos hosted on YouTube and LiveLeak from its own interface, although for now it is not possible to download them. It also has a small RSS reader that you can use to keep up to date on the new torrents that appear on the Internet.


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