True Burner 7.1 for Windows

True Burner is a light tool with which we can create, copy and burn all kinds of physical media such as CDs, CD-RWs, DVDs, DVD-RWs and even Blu-rays.

The first thing that catches the attention of the program is its very simple interface that will guide us at all times during the recording process. Whatever we want to burn, True Burner will tell us, click by click, what to do.

The process, in addition to being simple and quite fast, is very light. This means that even if we run it on a low-end computer, we can record without fear of suffering annoying crashes. Something that many users have had to suffer with other types of programs that are somewhat more demanding in terms of resources.

Whether we want to make backup copies of our data, copy entire CDs or DVDs, or burn DVD images, True Burner is presented as an excellent alternative for it.


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