TV-Browser 4.2.2 – Download Free

TV continues to be the mass media par excellence, which does not mean that there are certain problems inherent to its nature, such as the impossibility of controlling the programming of all channels at all times. TV-Browser is a program that shows all the TV programming from different countries at the same time, also receiving complete information on emissions.

A digital TV guide.

The large number of existing television channels makes it impossible to follow all their programming in detail. With TV-Browser you will never miss your favorite shows and you will always be attentive to know what they put on TV.


  • Digital TV programming guide.
  • Supports over 1000 channels.
  • Check programming data such as duration of programs, recommended ages, etc.
  • Customize with new skins and interface icons.
  • Add plugins all types.
  • Export the data for use with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.
  • Launch shows to watch with Zatoo.

TV on demand

During the first contact with TV-Browser we must select which channels we want to follow, although it is something that can be changed at any time. Once the data is downloaded, you will be able to view it and configure your favorites and a few alarms that will notify you as soon as the broadcast begins.

Don’t miss any of your favorite TV shows. Download TV-Browser free and create your own TV programming guide.

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