TweakPower 1.166 for Windows – Download

TweakPower is a very complete and versatile tool that will allow you to readjust your operating system to achieve the best possible performance. With it you can also protect your computer against any type of threat and eliminate all types of files that may pose a problem of use or performance. With this program you can, in short, increase the performance of your PC to better enjoy games and reduce loading times to work much faster.

TweakPower’s six basic and essential functions are to customize Windows, clean junk items, protect your PC, optimize performance, perform maintenance tasks, and defragment the disk. With all these functions, you can do a lot of things that will make your life easier. Among the infinity of actions that you will be able to carry out with this program, you will be able to change the system configuration, eliminate junk files, configure the firewall, optimize resource consumption, solve disk errors or manage running programs.

This program is a great option to keep everything under control, both performance and space or security. If you want to make sure that you surf the Internet safely or that you do not store anything that could pose a security problem in the future, this program has a large number of added functions that will allow you to navigate without problems.

If you are looking for a utility that makes it easier for you to correct everyday or advanced errors and that allows you to easily locate those elements that slow down PC operation, TweakPower will allow you to make use of dozens of functions designed to make your computer look like new.


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