TwinkiePaste 3.11.608 for Windows – Download

TwinkiePaste is an application that will make our lives much easier by giving us the opportunity to access a list with predefined text templates through a keyboard shortcut that we can store on the clipboard to use at any time. In this way, we can save the phrases, greetings or passwords that we use the most to store them in this list and not have to rewrite them every so often.

In addition, we can assign a certain phrase to a keyboard command, being able to paste more than one phrase at a time. No more having to copy and paste phrases one by one, since with TwinkiePaste we can use various combinations to paste the text we need.

The application will allow us to insert plain text or with it, it works with a large number of programs and supports Unicode. It also includes a history for the clipboard with which we can edit the record of phrases that we use the most and modify them at will.


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