Twitch Leecher 1.8.1 – Download Free

In the heat of the video game boom and supported by Amazon, Twitch has grown, a project that arose with the idea of ​​becoming the YouTube of video games. Offering, above all, games both live and delayed, it has managed to position itself as one of the web services with the most users in the world and has risen to stardom to users who generate content at the same level that YouTube has done with theirs.

Download videos from Twitch: the app you were looking for

Twitch Leecher is the Twitch video download client you’ve been looking for. Developed for PC, it will allow you find and download any of the videos uploaded to this platform. It has a simple installation and it is not even necessary to register as a user to be able to use it. Just install the program and start looking for anything that interests you on the streaming platform.

It offers a good download speed and different search options thanks to which the user can fine-tune the criteria on which the content search is based. These are its main characteristics:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface design.
  • Quick download of videos.
  • Find channels, URLs and IDs.
  • Select the time interval to download for each video.
  • Support for multiple downloads.
  • Specify search parameters and configure the download.

Get this app now and download the videos of the most famous streamers and the video games that are all the rage.

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