UFS Explorer Standard Recovery 8.10 for Windows

The loss of information on disk drives is a problem that affects all users, whether due to a physical failure or the activity of any malicious software, not to mention mere human error. Luckily, there are file recovery tools like UFS Explorer, whose standard version offers a powerful defective drive detector to proceed with their subsequent recovery.

The program is capable of detecting drives with all types of formats, whether they are the NTFS or FAT standards or specific to other operating systems such as Linux EXTs. Regardless of this, it is capable of running on 32 and 64-bit operating systems. The program will show us all the connected drives, even those that are hidden by the system as they are recovery partitions. And the most interesting of all: it also allows you to recover lost files through virtualized drives, delving into the internal structure of the file in question to proceed with data recovery as if it were a traditional one regardless of its origin, supporting the format of VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC, Parallels, etc.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is an excellent multipurpose file recovery tool with a friendly interface and great robustness when it comes to working with deleted or defective files.


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