Ultracopier for Windows – Download

Supercopier is a very simple and practical tool at the same time, thanks to which we will have many more possibilities at our disposal in the classic file copy window that Windows shows when we try to transfer documents from one directory to another.

The application will show us information such as the file transfer speed or the exact percentage of the transfer. In addition, it will allow us to pause it at any time and resume it later, as if it were a download.

More options of the application (accessible by right clicking on its icon in the toolbar), will allow us to automate different actions, establish the priority of use of the program, choose if we want to see the weight of the files in kilobytes or megabytes, or start the application at the beginning of Windows.

In the same way, we can configure purely aesthetic parameters such as the color of the progress bar, the color of the border of the bar and even the type and color of the text font.

Supercopier is a very interesting tool that is essential once we have started using it. The improvements over the Windows file transfer tool are huge.


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