UnHackMe 12.20 for Windows – Download

UnHackMe is a tool to use as a complement to your usual antivirus that is responsible for detecting and removing rootkits from the system.

And what is a rootkit? A rootkit is a malicious software, similar to a Trojan, whose main characteristic is that it hides all traces of activity from the user’s eyes (and from most conventional antivirus), opening backdoors and allowing external intruders to access our website with administrator privileges. equipment.

As a general rule, these types of programs do their job very well and are difficult to detect, so a program dedicated exclusively to it like UnHackMe can be of great help.

UnHackMe runs through a friendly and easy-to-use interface, and allows us to locate suspicious processes that may be acting behind our back. The main point of differentiation of UnHackMe is that instead of analyzing the processes when they are already running, it scans the system at the start of it and notifies us which suspicious processes are trying to execute abnormally.


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