uniCenta 4.6.1 – Download Free

A point of sale terminal or POS is a very necessary program in the management of any business. With the it controls payments and orders and helps to keep track of stocks and other aspects related to sales. And no, it is not necessary to have expensive solutions; there are software alternatives like one hundred, a very functional open source product.

A free and open source POS

With this program you can keep everything related to a store’s sales under control. Its features offer a whole series of functions with which to monitor the factors that influence the day to day:

  • Sales
  • Customers.
  • Providers.
  • Management of products in stock.
  • Quick search for articles.
  • Different user profiles.
  • Generation of more than 40 types of report.
  • Information storage in the cloud.
  • Adaptable to different types of establishment (bars and cafes, supermarkets, gift shops, food establishments …).

Free and very functional.

The user is given the possibility of consult activity reports with all kinds of visual elements such as graphs and tables. This data can be stored both on the computer and in the cloud or in a database shared by a local network.

With a fast interface perfectly adapted for touch screens, one hundred it can become your most valuable business assistant.

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