Universal Media Server 10.0.1 for Windows

Universal Media Server is a Java-based multimedia server that will allow us to transfer or encode video, audio and images between multiple devices. In fact, the program has high compatibility with the main smartphones, consoles, TVs or computers on the market.

The operation of Universal Media Server is quite simple and we only have to configure access to the server on each device to share the information. One of the keys to this utility is that it is not necessary to execute complex configurations to allow access to the data. All file exchange is carried out in a comfortable, fast and simple way, although we do not have specific knowledge to manage multimedia servers.

Universal Media Server can operate with FFmpeg, MEncoder, tsMuxeR, MediaInfo, OpenSubtitles, and many more multimedia content streaming platforms. All with the clear intention of offering the maximum possible compatibility when it comes to proceeding to exchange files with security and processing speed.

Universal Media Server will be of great help to us to transfer any file between the devices we have at home. With this platform we are facing an option that is very compatible with a multitude of formats and operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac.


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