Universal Viewer 6.7.7 for Windows

Surely you have ever thought about how easy it would be to be able to work with any file directly from a single application. Someone else had that idea too, and decided to create a program that closely approximates this idea.

Universal Viewer (also known as ATViewer) is a tool that can be used to reproduce, view or read any type of file, regardless of its extension.

Allows you to view text, binary, hexadecimal, image, video, sound, web, Unicode or RTF / UTF-8 files. All this from a simple and intuitive interface, which shows only the controls that we want to see at that moment.

One of the advantages that this application provides is that we will be able to view files for which we do not know any associated application, with which we will spend less time searching for a suitable application and installing it on our system.

If you are looking for an application that runs any type of file, Universal Viewer is sure to leave a good impression on you.


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