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Every time we download less content to our computer: the evolution of technology has caused the consumption of music to shift towards the streaming, with services such as Spotify, instead of MP3 downloads, and the viewing of movies and series towards video on demand, with Netflix as the king of the mambo, instead of downloading them to our PC. But that does not mean that the downloads are dead, far from it. First, because not all artists are available in the service of streaming Swedish musical, and secondly, because we cannot enjoy all the series and movies that we would like on Netflix, see Game of Thrones for example.

The king of P2P downloads.

Therefore, no one should be surprised that we continue to download content to our PC, although we do it less and less, and one of the best methods is undoubtedly the one offered by the BitTorrent protocol, for the peer-to-peer or P2P file sharing. And although this protocol has its official download client, by popular acclaim uTorrent It has become the favorite of the users of this network to download all kinds of video files, audio, documents, electronic books and software to their computers.

UTorrent or BitTorrent? What is the difference between them?

Even though we just told you that muTorrent, which is that as it should be pronounced, it is milk and you are already imagining that it gives a thousand turns to the official application to download torrents in Windows, it is not entirely true either. Some argue that this client is lighter and helps downloads to complete faster, but the truth is that since 2006 both desktop applications are developed in parallel by the same company, and it is hard to believe that if he favored either of the two developments he would bet on the one that does not bear his name. Of course, although there are no obvious differences, the software created by Ludvig Strigeus continues to have many more followers.

Main features

  • Search for torrents from the app or add those already downloaded from websites that host them.
  • Pause, resume or cancel transfers at any time.
  • Allocate the bandwidth to be used for each download.
  • Progressive downloads that allow incomplete downloads to be played.
  • Create torrent files to share with other network users peer-to-peer.
  • Access complete statistics such as the average, maximum and minimum speed and the compis and trackers available.
  • Possibility to control downloads remotely through a mobile device with uTorrent Remote.
  • Configure the download queue to determine the maximum number of active downloads.
  • Modify the connection settings to optimize speed as much as possible download.

uTorrent Pro for the most demanding

Everything we have told you so far refers to the free version of the program. But if you are tired of having to put up with the more or less invasive advertising it offers, you can always opt for version Ad-Free or ad free for the modest price of $ 5 a year.

Forget about annoying advertising when you download.

Also, if you don’t have enough to remove advertising, you can always subscribe to the Pro edition for $ 20 per year to enjoy multiple benefits: no advertising, instant streaming of torrents while downloading, antivirus protection and access to new features before anyone else.

How to configure the client to download faster?

That is the question that many users ask themselves:how to optimize torrent download speed? Exploring the web you will find many tutorials that will tell you about opening this or that port, adjusting the bandwidth by limiting the upload speed and configuring the download queue with this or that number of simultaneous active downloads. The truth is that we must take into account a series of details that will help us download faster, but without priming ourselves with everything we can read out there, since many times they offer us contradictory data:

  1. Open the port that the program has assigned, or change it to another, to avoid blocking by the router or the firewall. If you don’t know which one to put, pick a random one.
  2. Control the number of active downloads– Limits the number of transfers so that bandwidth is not spread across too many downloads.
  3. Share the torrents you download, even if only for a while, and thus avoid penalties in download speed.
  4. The greater the number of users sharing a file, the more bandwidth will be available, so look at the number of seeds.
  5. Update to the latest version of the program: An updated client will always work better than an obsolete one and it is also more secure.

What’s new in the latest version

  • No note on the new version has been released.

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