Valheim 0.79.10 – Download Free

Valheim is the name of the tenth Nordic world where you have been taken by the Valkyries after dying in battle. There you will become the youngest guardian of purgatory and you will have to fight to defeat Odin’s rivals, creatures of chaos.

Explore a vast world of Norse mythology

Your adventures will begin in the center of Valheim, in which you will have to prepare to enter the most remote regions of this kingdom where different elements of Norse mythology meet. Go through dark forests and mountainous regions, where you will have to collect materials to create weapons, armor and fortresses to protect yourself. It is an adventure, role-playing and action game in which you will move through an open world with total freedom of movement, both on land and on the water.

Endowed with spectacular graphics and a well-crafted plot, it brings together concepts previously seen in other games and shapes them to offer an adventure that will appeal, above all, to fans of the Viking world and Norse mythology (despite the fact that it takes licenses regarding this).

These are its main functions and features:

  • Play solo or in cooperative multiplayer mode.
  • Wide variety of weapons and punitive combat system based on dodge and block.
  • Build your own ships and sail with them.
  • Summon and defeat legendary bosses.
  • System for building houses and bases where you can manage your resources.
  • Creation of objects combining some elements with others.

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