Valorant 2.02 – Download Free

Maybe it is Valuing the FPS you’ve been waiting for: a game in which you’ll be able to crush your enemies with all kinds of weapons, some of them futuristic, and with supernatural powers of all kinds. A multiplayer shooter that offers a lot of action and a hectic pace of play.

Shooting and magic spells to defeat your enemies

The game style will be familiar to you because you have seen it in others like Overwatch, also counting in this case with a graphic section with an informal touch that is very reminiscent of cartoons, more similar to what we can see in the aforementioned Blizzard title or in other hits like Fortnite.

It is a multiplayer and tactical shooting game, in which you can combine your forces with those of the rest of the teammates. You will have weapons classical but also magic powers depending on the character you choose. You will go through different scenarios with all kinds of places to hide and prepare ambushes. Without a doubt, a good action game that will especially appeal to those who want a little more imagination in their games.

Last but not least, say that this game is totally free: you don’t have to pay anything to play although you will have different cosmetic items for sale to customize your character. In any case, this will never be a tactical or effective advantage over other rivals. Here it is only worth how skilled you are.

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