VariCAD 2021 1.02 – Download Free

If you are looking for a professional program for designing 2D and 3D models that is specialized for mechanical engineering, VariCAD is your application. Through intuitive and precise tools we will be able to create, evaluate and modify the models efficiently. There is nothing we will miss in VariCAD.

Main features

  • Practical and intuitive interface: allows quick and intuitive orientation in both 3D and 2D. All commands and tools are created for easy use.
  • 3D modeling: the application has a library of basic 3D figures, such as prism, cylinder, cube, etc. From these solids we can easily create other shapes by modifying certain characteristics.
  • Error checking: VariCAD allows you to check if the parts and models created in 3D are going to suffer collisions between their components.
  • 2D drawing and editing: We also have the necessary utilities to create our drawings in two dimensions, with an intelligent cursor that automatically detects objects and adjustment points.

Powerful but affordable.

Download VariCAD and tests the effectiveness of its tools and their ease of use.

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