Vassal 3.5.2 for Windows – Download

Vassal is the best way to be able to enjoy hundreds of board games (strategy, chance, role-playing, etc.) from your computer, either with friends in the same room, or over the Internet.

To do this, the first thing we will have to do once we have installed the program is to download any of the hundreds of modules that are available from the program’s website. There we can find some classics like Risk or Carcassone, and others not so classic like Arkham Horror.

Each module has its own rules, but in general terms, the program will allow us to do everything that the normal board game would allow: throw the dice, move the pieces, raise cards, etc.

Vassal is an application with brutal potential. The amount of hours of fun that it can offer us thanks to the enormous number of playable modules available is almost infinite.


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