VidCoder 5.21 – Download Free

The number of video converters is increasing every day, it is very common to see a new product in this category every month, but few are as surprising and as easy to use as VidCoder.

It is open source project uses a very clear and intuitive interface to display all pertinent information to the user. The basic premise of the program is make things easy for users less experienced while offering all kinds of settings for more advanced users.

A good alternative to Format Factory

To perform a direct conversion All you have to do is select the DVD, Blu-ray or video file that you want to convert, indicate in which folder the destination file should be saved and in what format you want to save, with the possibility of save video with specific format for certain gadgets (iPhone, AppleTV, MP4 …) in addition to the most common videos (AVI, MPEG, WMV…).

For more advanced users VidCoder includes a whole list of additional options to be able to customize the conversion of the videos. Therefore, if you want a program with which you can convert your favorite videos to any format, download and install VidCoder, It’s free.

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