Viddly 5.0.275 – Download Free

We all visit the largest online video platform ever and, many of us, even every day. Among their millions of hours of footage of music videos, youtubers, cooking or all kinds of tutorials, each one has certain fetish videos that they turn to over and over again.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have them saved on your computer so that you don’t always need the Internet? There is specific software capable of download YouTube videos (or just the audio if that’s what you’re looking for) easily and in different formats and qualities. Viddly for Windows is a good example and its free version has the necessary functions for most of its potential users.

You no longer need to open YouTube to watch that video clip that you like so much over and over again.

Main features

  • We are facing a light and fast program.
  • It allows you to paste the URLs of the videos or use the integrated search engine directly.
  • Download HD videos up to 1080p (in 4K with the paid version).
  • Besides downloading videos one by one, can download complete playlists.
  • Videos are downloaded in MP4 but can later be converted to WebM, 3GP and AVI.
  • Allows you to download only the audio of the videos in MP3 at a quality of 128kbps (up to 192kbps).

Thanks to these functions, you will be able to have a backup copy in case the video you like so much is deleted from the Internet, forget about the annoying ads and be able to continue watching it even when you don’t have access to the network.

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