VideoDevil 1.8.8 – Download Free

Are you a Kodi user? Well then, for when you feel like giving yourself to self-love, you can download VideoDevil. It is an addon for this media center with which you can access the online content offered by streaming video websites for adults.

Some of the main erotic content websites

What this extension does is offer access to the content hosted by each of these websites being able to also explore the different contents with the same organization by categories. So you like what you like, here you will have the opportunity to enjoy all its content, being able to also use its manual search engine, in case you get exquisite.

To install this addon you simply have to authorize the installation of addons from unknown sources and then choose to install from ZIP files. Once done thanks to that great virtue that Kodi offers in terms of expanding functions through extensions, a whole universe of scantily clad people will open up before you, giving each other lots of kisses and hugs.

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