VideoPad Masters Edition for Win 10.04 for Windows

VideoPad Masters Edition For Win is a video editing tool that, even though it is free, offers as many features as other similar paid programs.

With VideoPad Masters Edition For Win you will be able to professionally edit any video by adding transitions, more than ten different image filters and using a large number of plugins that will allow you to perfect your video by stabilizing excessive camera movement, tracking a specific area and many other actions for which other programs would charge you individually.

The precise trimming system of VideoPad Masters Edition For Win will allow you to adjust the audio track in a perfectly exact way to the video track and, once the editing process is finished, we can export it to a large number of video formats that we can record directly from its interface to any CD, DVD or Blu-Ray or save on our computer for future use.

Thanks to direct access to portals such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive among others, we can share our created videos directly with any of our contacts.


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