Virtual Audio Cable 4.65 for Windows

Virtual Audio Cable is a tool that will allow us to create a series of virtual audio recording or reproduction devices, so that we can use them with any other program without thereby obtaining the slightest loss in audio quality.

We will have the possibility of connecting any external device to our computer, be it a stereo or an instrument, and create a virtual device on our computer. Later we can assign this virtual device to the program we want, being able, for example, to record everything that sounds through our speakers without loss of quality in the audio (something common in these cases).

Within the configuration options of our virtual channels we can change more than a dozen different values. In this way we can achieve the best possible output sound, although sometimes it takes a few minutes of trial and error.

Virtual Audio Cable is a very useful tool for users who want to record sound from their computer. In fact, the program will allow us to create up to 256 virtual cables, which we can associate however we want with the applications and programs we want.


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