Virtual DJ 2021 b6242 for Windows

With this well-known application you can make exceptional DJ sessions with a lot of features for the medium amateur and for all those who want to dedicate themselves to this field professionally. The program is developed in a fairly easy to use interface. After spending a few minutes learning about all the options that Virtual DJ offers, you can start using it with all the songs you select.

You just have to select the directory where the songs are located, drag one to each track and start playing. The program allows, among other features, to adjust and modify the BPM, make loops, scratches, include effects in songs such as voice extractor, bass adjustment or insert progressive braking effect.

VirtualDJ not only supports audio files but is also capable of mixing video clips with a multitude of transitions. You just have to connect the computer to a projector so that anyone can enjoy your DJ session accompanied by its corresponding videos.

And if all this were not enough, you can also record your remixes. The program is recommended for any type of premises and bars since it only requires a computer and a good set of speakers. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended option to start in the world of DJ sessions.


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