Virtual DJ Studio 8.1.2 – Download Free

There are more and more alternatives for DJs who want to use their computer to DJ, but programs designed to play music in restaurants or shops, with which it is also possible to mix from different sound sources, are not so common. But we have at our disposal Virtual DJ Studio.

Program features

Virtual DJ Studio dispose of 7 independent players, from which it is possible to shoot audio clips in WAV or MP3, being able to modify volume, balance, play mode and equalization (via a 4-band parametric EQ).

The program has a very sober interface, optimal for the type of user it is focused on, which has only the basic controls, in addition to a panel where you can create playlists. Unlike other programs designed to mix live music, Virtual DJ Studio does not have effects, modification of pitch, compatibility with plugins VST or ability to play video clips.

If you don’t have a Traktor level, try something simpler.

If you are looking for an application that is as simple as possible and with which you can easily decorate any space with music, download now Virtual DJ Studio.

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