VirtualBox 6.1.18 for Windows – Download

VirtualBox is a multiplatform open source virtualization tool available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X or other operating systems, which allows us to create virtual disk drives where we can install a guest operating system within the one we normally use on our computer and thus be able to use it just as if it had actually been installed.

The virtual machine on which the virtualized system will run is completely customizable, allowing us to modify the virtual hardware to our whim according to our needs, be it the type of processor, the dedicated RAM or the storage space that can be used. Keep in mind that all these resources will be a part of the real specifications of our equipment, so we will need to have a powerful enough equipment to be able to run and interact with the guest and host operating systems.

The program supports practically all versions of the different most current operating systems such as Windows 10, Mac OS X Yosemite or the most updated editions of Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution. The advantages of virtualization are several, the most obvious being the possibility of using exclusive programs from one platform on another, not to mention the modularity of the units created, which we can take anywhere and make backup copies. from the same. In fact, an interesting feature of VirtualBox is the possibility of creating instances of the virtualized operating system to start it exactly at the point where we left the session.

Virtualbox 5.0 improves performance and supports USB 3.0

There is not much debate if we claim that Virtualbox is the most flexible and affordable virtualization tool that we can find. Its greatest virtue, in addition to its ease of use, is the compatibility and speed with which the latest versions of the operating systems released are integrated. The new version 5.0 of the tool has recently been released which greatly improves performance and adds new features.

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How to create restore points in VirtualBox

The best way to carry out ‘experiments’ with our PC is by resorting to virtualization. VirtualBox is possibly the best alternative to create virtual disks with which to launch one operating system into another without affecting the one that hosts it. What many do not take into account is the useful possibility that it offers to create snapshots or save points with which to memorize several different states for the same machine that can be executed in a few seconds. We explain what it consists of.

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