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Nintendo’s Game Boy series of game consoles has been the most successful of how many laptops have been sold, above Sony’s PSPs or SEGA’s Game Gears. Both the first of them and the Color and Advance that came later were a sales success for the Japanese company that it hopes to reissue with the recently launched Nintendo Switch, a hybrid between laptop and desktop.

Play Game Boy video games on PC

And since there were many who played with their games, it is not surprising that today we have different ways to enjoy their titles even though we no longer have the game consoles themselves. We can do it thanks to emulators like VisualBoyAdvance-M, which allows you to run any of them if we have the ROM files of their games (which you can find on many websites).

Recover the Mario Bros, Zelda or Tetris from the classic monochrome screen video game console.

This M version, abbreviated as VBA-M, it is a variation of VisualBoyAdvance that adds new features combining this first version with a later version, the VBALink to emulate the Cable Link connection of two Game Boy.

Main features

This emulator has the following features:

  • Compatible con ROMs de Game Boy, Game Boy Color y Game Boy Advance.
  • Import and export games from other emulators.
  • Save the game at any point.
  • Joystick compatible.
  • Turbo button compatible.
  • Support for screenshots.
  • Audio and video recording in WAV and AVI formats.
  • Cable Link connection emulation via local network (LAN) or Internet.
  • HQ3x / 4x pixel filters.

The main difference that the user will find with respect to VisualBoy will be, and it is not trivial, the possibility to play games in online multiplayer mode.

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