Vivaldi 3.5.2115.87 (64bit) for Windows

With the large number of browsers that currently exist, finding one tailored to our specific needs is often difficult, especially considering that almost all of them focus on offering the same efficiency, security and robustness features. However, in the case of the Vivaldi browser, the experience is mainly focused on making it easier for us to organize our work.

Vivaldi offers the user not only the basic tools of any browser, but also has some extra options that will help us improve our productivity in front of the PC. Thus, the program adapts its tabs to the color that predominates on each website, making it easier for us to switch between one and the other, especially when we have numerous windows open, also allowing us to add annotations on each tab that will be saved automatically to which we can even attach files or screenshots.

If we usually open multiple tabs and the orientation colors do not help us much, Vivaldi will also allow us to create a single tab in which to attach all the windows we want, although its interface is completely customizable and it is possible to change the position of most elements of the tool. In addition, it integrates other interesting features such as an internal instant messaging and contact management service, a download manager or a visual bookmarks and favorites manager from which we can see thumbnails of each of the pages from a pleasant menu system from the main screen.

Its other great asset is the flexibility to control it, since it allows us to associate practically all the basic navigation actions with the keyboard shortcuts we want. It will also be possible to add mouse gestures for certain functions, so, as we said at the beginning of the text, Vivaldi’s greatest asset is to serve in professional environments, or at least, in advanced users who require organizational functionalities beyond those that offer the usual alternatives.

Vivaldi browser reaches beta phase

Many of us do not leave the jack, horse and king when choosing our desktop browser, but there are many alternatives beyond the everlasting Chrome and Firefox. The Vivaldi project is endorsed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, co-founder and CEO of the Opera browser, so his credentials are beyond question. After more than two million downloads, four technical previews and more than 50 public reviews, Vivaldi finally reaches beta for its Windows and Mac client.

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Vivaldi, a web browser for experienced users

There are plenty of web browsers for desktop operating systems, but beyond aesthetics and slight differences in terms of their loading speed, they are all very similar to each other and offer practically the same features. Vivaldi tries to get out of this trend by offering a browser that, recalling the sobriety of the old versions of Opera, offers a series of functionalities for the most seasoned users. It has recently been updated to its Technical Preview 4 version, totally stable and with most of the features working.

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