VLC Media Player Portable 3.0.12

At this point you need us to introduce you to VLC Media Player? I do not believe since it is without discussion the best multimedia player for Windows and that it has made the leap to other platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone. And it is, among other things, because of the features it offers … basically because it can reproduce practically everything, no matter how strange the file format or how corrupt it may be.

VLC Media Player in version portable

And of course, it will be him who we will entrust the reproduction of our videos and perhaps because we always want to take him behind in a pen drive or, for whatever reason, we can use a version portable of the same. For these cases we have VLC Media Player Portable.

With him we can play any video or song on the computer we want with all the options of the installable version. In addition to the formats supported by the application (MPEG, DivX, MPEG-4, XviD, WAV, MP3, MKV, OGG, DVD, VCD, H264, …), it also offers the ability to load subtitles in practically any format and it is available in more different languages.

The videos on the hard drive of Bárcenas VLC’s computer can surely be played.

That is, VLC Portable will offer us all these functions:

  • Playback of files, discs, webcams, streams …
  • Play dozens and dozens of video and audio formats without the need to download codec packs: from the most common such as MPEG or MP3 to Sorenson or TrueAudio.
  • Free sin spyware, no ads, no tracking
  • Advanced configuration features: nothing is beyond your control.
  • Customizable via skins and extensions.

VLC is a project that emerged in a French university in the 90s and has since been maintained under the OpenSource code license. This means that it can be used freely and can be integrated into other IT developments without having to pay. A great resource for users, since it is often difficult to find such good quality products that you do not have to pay anything for.

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