Voicemeeter – Download Free

Would you like to participate in online gaming matches or group KSype conversations with a different voice, faking yours? Is what you can get with Voicemeeter, a real-time audio mixer that allows you to modulate and falsify your voice.

Choose how you want to sound according to your needs

It is modulation and voice change software allows us to adopt different personalities by making use of our microphone with different applications. It is compatible with different systems, such as VoIP clients or online gaming systems like Steam, running in the background while they are running.

Its main panel offers us the control of four channels that we can adjust as we want depending on the needs we have:

  • Microphone.
  • Hardware.
  • Virtual reproduction.
  • Master from where we will monitor all the sound.

It is a veteran program in these struggles and that offers us the possibility of working with him in different situations such as VoIP calls, podcast recordings, audiovisual projects in which we need a voice-over …

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