Voxal Plus 6.00 for Windows

Voxal Plus is a fun program that will help you distort your voice within any program or game that uses a microphone.

Changing your voice has never been easier than with Voxal Plus, since this program will automatically detect any recording device that is connected to your computer and will work in the background so that, without the need for additional programs or annoying configurations, any audio that is launched from this microphone is received with the frequency and tone that you have previously established.

Voxal Plus includes a huge list of pre-distorted voices out of the box; from the classic robot or Darth Vader voice to more serious distortions that allow you to simulate that the recording is being made in an echoing room or from a telephone. This program is perfect for joking, but it will also be very useful when recording shorts or preparing video tutorials in which you want to remain anonymous.


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