Wallapop 1.112.0 – Download Free

The Internet led to the appearance of so-called electronic commerce and companies such as Amazon or eBay have become monsters with a business exclusively attached to an online scenario. Then there have been countless platforms and similar services, such as Wallapop, one of the most successful apps in this sector in recent times.

The best app to buy and sell second-hand items

It is a virtual market in which any user can put on sale what they no longer want or need. Simply just take a photo of it, add a short description with its price and share it with other users.

Here you will find different categories to classify what you sell… Or to find what you want to buy. Because here you can also find bargains on what other users do not want, all with GPS location to easily find what you need near you. All you have to do is get in touch with the seller and agree on the purchase method with him.

More than 6 million users have joined Wallapop and they are from all over Spain: Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Vigo… and that you can find here from a car to an air conditioning to a smartphone. These are the main features of the app:

  • Buy and sell second-hand items at a large flea market.
  • Explore its categories to find all kinds of articles: motor, technology, fashion, sports, leisure and video games, movies, smartphones, real estate …
  • Chat with buyers and sellers.
  • Find near you the products that interest you the most.

And although this is a service that has become very popular among Android and iPhone users, here we bring you the APK so you can enjoy Wallapop for Windows on your PC desktop with a simple installation.

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