War Thunder for Windows

War Thunder is a massively multiplayer war game, in which players can take control of planes, ships and tanks, to take part in spectacular online battles set during World War II.

Players will be able to participate in impressive multiplayer battles in which they will have to face off against other players from around the world. We can form squadrons, use air or ground units, and ultimately, try to annihilate our enemies using all the means at our disposal.

Now, although the PvP (Player Versus Player) battles are there, War Thunder also has a great PvE (Player Versus Environment) component. Players will be able to participate in missions connected by a dynamic campaign, both solo and cooperatively. In addition, the game also includes a mission editor to bring the solo game even more life.

Although the strong point of War Thunder is air combat, it should be noted that we can also put ourselves at the controls of tanks and warships. In addition, we can do it both from a third-person perspective, and in the first person, with a detailed representation of the cockpits.

On a visual level, War Thunder is a spectacular title, which uses real models of planes and tanks from World War II, to provide an even more immersive experience if possible.

War Thunder is a spectacular war MMO. The scale of the missions, both in solo mode and in battles over the Internet, is enormous: dozens of players at the controls of planes, tanks and warships fighting simultaneously.


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