WAU Manager for Windows

WAU Manager is a program that will allow us to manage Windows updates through an alternative interface and will give us greater control over them. Thus, we can choose how and when we want to install them, and even if we want to uninstall any of them.

The first step to use WAU Manager is to disable automatic Windows updates, which we can do directly from the program itself as soon as we open it for the first time. This first step is important, because if we don’t, Windows will continue to update automatically every time it has a new version.

From the main interface of WAU Manager we can manage exactly which updates we want to install and, most importantly, we can choose if we want to uninstall any. Thus, if an update is giving us problems, we can uninstall it from our computer and go back to a previous version. We can also see detailed information about each of the updates, to know exactly what we installed on our computer.

WAU Manager is a very useful program for users who want to have total control over their operating system. Thanks to it, we will be able to install only the patches that we consider appropriate for our computer.


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